Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video Phone Service by Ipvaani

IPVaani is all set to launch a Video Phone Service to expand their reach as complete VOIP Provider. IPVaani already offers a Peer to peer IP based VOIP service which is widely used across the world.

IPVaani now adding a free VoIP phone service called IPDarshan. Using IPdarshan video phone service, subscribers can make and receive unlimited Free video phone calls
across the globe. IPdarshan video phone service delivers high-quality, full-motion video and audio over any broadband (Cable or DSL) Internet connection. We believe the internet speed should be minimum 512 Kbps without any packet loss for a good video quality.

IPDarshan doesn't need any setup and it has no monthly charges. There is however a one time price of $299.

As you may already know, IPVanni only offers Peer to Peer service that means its only within their network. IP to IP based services only work within the network, that means you can only call or video call with another IPVaani or IPDarshan uses. The Good thing however is you can take your phone with you anywhere in the world and use it. It carries the number with itself, its like any other SIP Phone.

IPDarshan like IPvanni comes with almost all important features of a VOIP service or a Video conference service.

MBARQ has launched EMBARQ Managed IP Telephony service

MBARQ has launched EMBARQ Managed IP Telephony service, an always-on managed IP solution with monitoring and alerting, management and support services. The service oversees a business’s voice communications systems including call servers and voicemail servers.

“Unmanaged growth could result in problems with speed, throughput, response time and other issues causing jitter and latency,” said Susan McQueeny-Scholes, Director of Marketing Communications for EMBARQ Business. “Allowing EMBARQ to take care of these issues can help businesses focus on their core competencies while lowering their costs and needs for internal support.”

Here’s the detes of what EMBARQ offers:

EMBARQ(R) MIPT service provides life-cycle support for day-to-day management and monitoring and offers two levels of protection to match the evolving needs of a customer’s enterprise.

Monitoring and Alerting Service
24×7x365 device monitoring
Remote diagnostics and minor remote repairs
Help desk support with 24×7 live response
Notification of events through phone, e-mail or both
Up/down and ticket status
Monthly traffic and alarm activity reporting

Comprehensive Services
Includes all Monitoring and Alerting Services plus:

Design and engineering assistance
Project implementation
Assigned technical engineer
Proactive management of alarm monitoring, notification and escalation
Software management services, including annual major software updates
On-demand business management reporting through a secure Web portal.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ringomax another voip provider in UAE

Freecall, Actionvoip, Skype,Intervoip, Smartvoip etc are Blocked In UAE and banned By Etisalat. Now there is one new comapany pops up in the UAE Voip Market.
The new UAE voip comapny name is

Ringomax is very Simple and easy to use. The Ringomax website offer money back garuntee to work with you and Saying this voip will work in UAE like Dubai,Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Etc.Regarding the voip guarantee they are saying Ringomax gives Money Back garuntee for voice Clarity. They assure that they are not using any Grey and Standard Routes for voice like other voip providers ,and they use Premium Routes which gives Money back garuntee for voice Quality.

To use ringo max you have to download the ringomax dialer from there website and register a user name and password. You can recharge your voip account in UAE by credit card or by a Reseller.They says there is no Hidden charges or hidden Fees. You can Check each second call details from your Account control panel

FRee calling to india by voxofon

VoxoFon is basically a cheap international call service although many VOIP Providers claim to offer cheap international call service its often costlier than other VOIP Providers. VoxoFon’s calling rates don’t really excite us at all. With almost 8 cents for USA to India calls on Phone to Phone is way too costly.

Voxofon offers free trial calls to a few destinations including India. That’s where you can actually use this free calling hack.

It asks for your phone number and the party’s number to dial. Se below picture.

Now the real hack begins here, The idea is to use more digits than your phone number. USA to India free trial call is only for 1 minute but with additonal number combination you can do as many calls as you want. Use your imagination.

Take Example:

First Call: USA number: + 18888888888 and India Number: +912225999999
Talk for 1 minute.

Second Call: Add any digit at the end of the number. USA number: + 188888888889. Don’t change India number. So now you have a new combination, Voxofon system won’t recognize that this is the same number and will let you make another call.

This way you can repeat as many numbers as you want. It really depends on how many numbers you can add after your phone number. At this time, you can add almost infinite. So Imagine, how many combinations you can make out of this.

For certain countries, the per call limit is higher than 1 minute, so you can expect to talk for long.

TalkTalk free phone calls from May onwards

News is that Talktalk a UK ISP will be offering free local calls anytime from 1st May. Talktalk customers can avail this offer to make free local phone calls.

TalkTalk will also be offering free calls to all 0845 and 0870 numbers from 2 June. The results and graphs have shown that about 70% of calls made in UK are local and telecom providers want to cash on this. So it is a great option to attract customers by providing them free local calls.

To make up for its cost, Taktalk has increased its standard line rental charges to GBP 11.25 a month. This will be effective from mid April.

Lets see what i offers..

VOIPax offering calls at 1 cents

We already know about a VOIP Provider called Voipax. Voipax has now started to introduce more VOIP service under its hood, just like betamax or dellmont sarl is doing.

VOIPax has introduced a new VOIP service called Voipian, which claims to offers 1 cent per call. Please read this again, its 1 cent per call not per minute. This deal is available during Voipian's beta test phase, which does not have any specific end date.

Voipian will offer cheap calls to following destinations at 1 cent per call:

Brazil Rio De Janeiro
Brazil Sao Paolo
Brunei Darussalam
Canada (+mobile)
Czech Republic

Hong Kong (+mobile)
Korea South
New Zealand
Peru Lima
Puerto Rico (+mobile)
Russia Moscow
Russia St.Petersburg
United Kingdom
United States (+mobile)

Its good to see countries like Malaysia and Brazil are offered at 1 cent per call.

Voipian offers SIP supports, that means you can use Voipian through your SIP Phone, VOIP Adapter or SIP Softphone such as X-lite.

Voipian SIP Details:

Phone Number: Enter your (home) phone number.
User name: Enter your Voipian username here.
Password: Enter your Voipian password here.

If you do not have your own SIP setup, you can always opt for Voipian Softphone.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reliable offering cheap call rates to india

Though betamax companies are increasing their call rates to India, however we have found some alternatives for you. We promise you won't have to pay much for making voip calls to India.

Just like AirtelCallhome and Reliance India Call, Reliable Calling is offering 1 cent per minute calls to India. Reliable calling works just like other calling card providers like Airtel, Reliance, Trueroots. These are Phone to Phone calls which can be made dialing the toll free access number or the local access numbers.

Lets talk about the Calling plans offered by Reliable Calling.

Monthly Plan

The Monthly Plan is an exclusive offer where you can enjoy great Talk time for a period of 30 days. Subscribe to this plan with $9.99 which includes rental charges of $3.99, for the remaining $ 6, you get 600 mins at 1cent/min using local access number and 260 mins using Toll Free access number. Effective rate comes down to just 1.6 cents per minute (and this is Phone to Phone calling rates).

Refunds: No refund of talk time value, rental or plan value will be entertained under any circumstances.

Any talk time value left after expiry of validity will be automatically forfeited.

FortNight Plan

The Fortnight Plan is an exclusive offer where you can enjoy great Talk time for a period of 14 days. Subscribe to this plan with $7.99 which includes rental charges of $3.99, for the remaining $ 4, you get 400 mins at 1cent/min using local access number and 200 mins using Toll Free access number.

The calling rate to India in both the plans is 1 cent per minute however the effective calling rate is bit high (though the effective rate is also not much).

Some other features of Reliable Calling.

Your Call is routed to India using ILD providers.
Your caller id will be passed to the destination phone in India.
Lowest calling rate in the Industry
Quality calling at most competitive rates with no hidden cost
60 seconds rounding
No Connection Fees